BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s Unexpected Interaction With GOT7’s Jackson Has Fans Speechless

An interaction that possibly no one expected was that of Jisoo of BLACKPINK and the singer jackson, who belongs to the group GOT7. The two artists, who are official ambassadors of the Cartier brand, were at an event for the jewelry brand where they were seen very happy having a pleasant chat.

On February 7, the two KPop Idols attended the dinner Trinity Celebration that occurred in Paris, and as expected, they dazzled with their outfits and their special energy. However, not only with that, because the thousands of fans they have in the world could not hide their emotion, after the videos where the two appear talking comfortably went viral.

There it could be seen thanks to the body language of the two that their conversation was a topic of interest for both, but the chivalrous of Jackson by making a gesture of cordiality and respect to Jisoo, putting his hands on his chest and bowing slightly as they were saying goodbye. Without a doubt the images have been a topic of conversation and the followers of both artists are very happy with their interaction.

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