Julia Roberts remembers and explains the costumes of Pretty Woman – El Sol de México

One of the most remembered roles of Julia Roberts It’s Vivian Ward’s in the romantic comedyPretty Woman”, which stars alongside Richard Gere and in which she plays a sex worker.

But he is not one of his most notable protagonists only because of the story and his performance, but also because of the outfits he wore and that mark two stages in the film.

And in a recent interview with Voguethe actress remembered the users she used and explained details behind some of her most emblematic looks.

What did Julia Roberts say about her looks in “Pretty Woman”?

In the first scenes of the film, Julia Roberts She is wearing a dress that she confessed was actually transformed by the designer to give it a different touch.

“It’s funny because that dress cost like $20. It was black and white and the costume designer changed it,” she told Vogue.

He also revealed about this outfit that it is one of the ones he has worn the longest and he didn’t like it at all and added a piece of clothing that also became distinctive.

“I had been wearing this outfit for a long time. “It seemed to me that my ass was very big and that’s why I wore that jacket.”

Also, regarding the long black leather boots that are a hallmark of the character Vivian Ward, he recalled that they were not very comfortable.

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