Hydrocarbon leak reported on the highway in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas – El Sol de México

A huge hydrocarbon leakrecorded on the side of the Victoria-Zaragoza highwayis served in the central region of Tamaulipas by emergency bodies, as well as security personnel Mexican Petroleum (Pemex).

Authorities attend to hydrocarbon spill on the Victoria – Zaragoza highway at kilometer 42 of #Llera. Caution is advised“, announced the Tamaulipas Security and Civil Protection Spokesperson.

The state coordination of Civil Protection of Tamaulipas reported that once the incident was reported, authorities from the three levels of government were at the scene.

Civil Protection Tamaulipas in coordination with #PEMEX, #GuardiaNacional, #SEDENA and #GuardiaEstatal, attend to hydrocarbon leak on highway #Victoria – #Zaragoza km.42“, reported Civil protection.

Both the Spokesperson and the state coordination have asked the community to circulate care in this area.

It is recommended to take extreme precautions when traveling on this road, since emergency and care units will be circulating in the area.”, he indicated.

At the site there is an intense hydrocarbon smellin addition to seeing an extensive area of ​​trees and bushes affected by the spill.

Tamaulipas is an entity with crude oil pipelines

In Tamaulipas There is a network of crude oil pipelines that cross the state, carrying material from the refineries of Madero City and Cadereyta.

El Sol de Tampico reported on January 26, 2023 about which hydrocarbon registered in the streets of the Las Flores neighborhoodalarmed the residents of this sector of Madero Citywho requested the presence of the municipal authorities and Mexican oil (Pemex).

The incident, according to what was reported by the inhabitants of this neighborhood, occurred on Jacarandas Street, between Violetas and Orquídeas, where work continued for two weeks due to hydrocarbon emissions.

Regarding this event, which occurred in 2023, the director of the Information Unit Civil protection of Madero CityAdán González Romero, indicated that they were notified of these events by the same neighbors, who pointed out that chapopote was sprouting from the ground.

Immediately elements of this corporation and the staff of the Heroic Fire Departmentthey went to the northern sector of the city to answer the call for help from the citizens.

As happened in the hydrocarbon leak which is recorded near Victoria Citycapital of Tamaulipas, Pemex The site was presented to cordon off the area and begin the protocol of contingency.

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