Actors and Korean drama ‘My Demon’ lead the charts

Since its premiere, ‘my demon‘ has become one of the most watched Korean series in the world, as its story and its cast have managed to captivate every viewer who has the opportunity to watch this type of content.

The popularity of this series is such that it has recently been announced as the most watched and commented K-Drama for the second consecutive week, achieving the number 1 position on the weekly list of Good Data Corporation, which organizes the series with the most expectation. . Furthermore, the main actors of ‘My Demon’, Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jungcontinue to remain in positions 1 and 2 of the most talked about and popular actors in recent weeks, something that a Korean drama could not achieve for a long time.

At the same time, although the famous series and its excellent actors are stealing the spotlight, there are many people who give credit to the SBS franchise for the incredible work it is doing with the series. Below we will present the lists of the most popular series and actors this week:

Top Series

  1. SBS «My Demon»
  2. MBC «The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract»
  3. KBS2 “Korea-Khitan War”
  4. JTBC «Welcome to Samdalri»
  5. tvN «Teacher: Strings of Truth»
  6. KBS2 “The Matchmakers”
  7. THAT “Tell me you love me”
  8. ENA «Moon in the Day»
  9. KBS2 “Live your own life”
  10. MBC «A good day to be a dog»

Top Actors

  1. Song Kang (“My Demon”)
  2. Kim Yoo Jung (“My Demon”)
  3. Im Siwan (“Childhood”)
  4. Lee Young Ae (“Teacher: Strings of Truth”)
  5. Lee Se Young (“The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract”)
  6. Bae In Hyuk (“The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract”)
  7. Shin Hye Sun (“Welcome to Samdalri”)
  8. Ji Chang Wook (“Welcome to Samdalri”)
  9. Seo In Guk (“The Game of Death”)
  10. Lee Si Woo (“Boyhood”)

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