Actress Jeon Hye Jin Called the Police to Find Her Deceased Husband Lee Sun Kyun

Currently, the South Korean acting world is in mourning after the actor’s recent death was reported. Lee Sun Kyunwho appeared with signs of suicide in the morning hours of the Asian country, and unfortunately was not found before he committed the atrocious act.

The actor’s wife, Jeon Hye Jinwas the first to notify the authorities about her husband’s disappearance, because on December 27, the actress also found a letter written by her husband when she arrived home, a letter that has not been revealed, which made her Jeon became suspicious of the decision her husband made and called the police to find him.

Unfortunately, it was already too late and by the time Lee Sun Kyun was found, it was too latesince the actor had already died in a park in the center of the city, something that was very strange, since only several hours before he had declared guilt in his case regarding the use and abuse of illegal drugs.

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