Actor Dominic West reveals the real reason for his feud with Prince Harry

Although 2023 was going to end well for him prince harrya statement from the famous actor was recently made public Dominic Westwho was in charge of revealing the true reason why the friendship of these two great people ended, after sharing experiences for several years.

Years ago, the duke of sussex and the actor shared a firm friendship, which became solid thanks to some meetings between the two and even long conversations in their own homes; However, recently, this relationship has completely fractured and Dominic has decided to reveal the reason for what happened.

Last December 24, in one of the episodes of the program ‘Sunday Morning‘Dominic West was the special guest of this day, and he decided to open up to explain what really happened between the situation with Prince Harry. The actor revealed that it all started at a charity event called ‘Walking With the Wounded‘ from 2013, where both were taken on a survival journey through Antarctica.

However, the negative came when said event ended, Dominic participated in several press conferences and interviews where spoke a little more than necessarysaid the actor. An aspect that was not very pleasing to Prince Harry and he himself decided to distance himself from him little by little, which caused a friendship of many years to have dissolved for more than a decade, and since then neither of them has had contact with the other, says the actor.

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