There are 92 thousand missing people, when before they were talking about 110 thousand: CNB – El Sol de México

During the morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the new head of the National Commission for the Search for Missing Persons (CNB), Teresa Guadalupe Reyes Sahagún defended the new registry of missing persons and pointed out that “they are not going to be discharged (people who have signs of life), their status is simply going to change.”

When questioned during the president’s morning press conference Andrés Manuel López Obradordue to the inconsistency in the new figures presented by the federal government, the official explained that: “There is a range of possibilities that we have to address, that we have to look for everyone. However, we need it (the registry) to be understandable, that we are in a process that has not been done before of a generalized search, and just as different institutions from different levels of government were integrated for this database to work, ”he said. she.

He added that the CNB is calling on citizens to collaborate in locating the missing people and stressed that more information is needed to be able to search for the victims, “so what we do when we say located is that we have many people located, not many clues came out in life, That is, we have them located, we know where they are,” said Reyes Sahagún.

“We are going to continue searching for them, what we wanted to communicate to the people of Mexico is that they are searching and finding a range of circumstances,” he stressed.

He added that the new record “is historical and comes mainly from two databases,” while insisting that “it does not imply that anyone will be unsubscribed,” but rather that their missing status will be changed.

He explained that the new information will be given to the prosecutor’s offices so that they can carry out a search again and reiterated that “they will not be discharged, the status will simply change.”

He maintained that they are correcting the registry and that officially there are 92,332 missing people in Mexico, when previously there were 110,000.

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He said that the variation in number is due to the fact that the registry “has mobility” and was made with data from the CNB’s public page as of August 22 and with the five search procedures.

“We could say that according to the figure of 110 thousand, we have located 16 thousand people and we continue searching for approximately 92 thousand and we continue calling for further searching,” said Teresa Guadalupe Reyes Sahagún.

At the time, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that “every month we are going to be informed (the numbers of missing people), and the other thing that is clear is that we are not going to act in a deceitful way, because that is contrary to our principles.” AMLO said.

Located people will not be deleted from the registry

After being questioned by a missing persons activist, the president maintained that he has indications that they want to use the number of missing persons “for political purposes” and insisted that no missing persons are being erased and that he could not speak “of a transformation, of change if we lie, if we make up figures,” he concluded.

Given the controversy over the reduction in numbers of missing people in Mexico, Luisa María Alcalde, Secretary of the Interior (Segob), assured that the people located in the new federal registry will not be deleted.

“Even when we have already located the person, we are not going to delete them from the registry, they will still be found in the database but they will appear as located,” said the head of Segob during the morning conference of the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

In addition, he defended the methodology to purify the registry of missing persons and stressed that the new data has a location strategy.

He also commented that a collaboration strategy is being followed with various government institutions and urged the population to collaborate with information that allows the search for missing persons. He stressed that the search methodology is immediate, individualized and approaches each family of the victims.

Finally, the Mayor reported that as of August 22, there were 110,964 records of missing persons and, with 16,681 located; 17 thousand 843 people located; 26 thousand 90 records without identification data; 36 thousand 22 records identified but without search indications and 12 thousand 377 confirmed complaints.

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The controversy over these data arose a few days ago, after relatives of the disappeared questioned that the number of 110,964 records of missing persons had been reduced to only 12,377 confirmed reports.

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