Adele leaves a strong message for all those who accuse Taylor Swift

For this Sunday, February 11, many people in the world are just waiting for the grand finale of the Super Bowl, including the famous singer Adelewho has recently left a strong message in support of his colleague and superstar Taylor Swiftin order to support her.

This happened after Adele in one of her recent concerts started the topic that Taylor is always attacked and criticized by millions of people who do not want her to attend the games. Kansas City Chiefsthe team where her current partner plays, so the interpreter of “Hello“He wanted to extend his hand in support of his partner.

All of you who complain about Taylor being in games, fuck you. It’s actually made watching it a little more enjoyable.

Many Taylor fans were grateful that at least the interpreter of “Set on Fire” has said this, because there is a lot of criticism she has received, since many viewers find it bothersome that Taylor is repeatedly focused on in the middle of the game.

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