BABYMONSTER’s Pharita criticized for staring at TXT’s Yeonjun

The girls of BABYMONSTER are off to a great start in the industry K-Pop and with their sensational singles they have shown lovers of the genre that they have come to gain ground in droves, however, on the road to success there will always be many obstacles, and it seems that they have already begun to appear.

That’s how, recently, one of the members of the band, Pharitawas the subject of strong criticism and malicious comments through social networks after she stared at Yeonjun of TXT in the eleventh edition of M! Countdownwhere several K-Pop groups were present, including BABYMONSTER and Tomorrow X Together.

During the live encore performance by the TXT boys, Pharita set her sights on the Idol while the other groups left the stage, which caused hundreds of Internet users to misinterpret this gesture.

“Girl, you’re just starting out and you’re already looking at men,” “how unprofessional this Idol is,” “Sheesh!, hide it a little,” were some of the comments that they attacked against the young artist, however, there were also users who They defended Pharita’s position“how can they judge her just for doing something that many of us do”, “she had no bad intentions in that look, she was simply praising him like we do”, “treat her so badly just for looking at someone?, she is young the same way.” That the others”.

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