BTS’s RM deletes almost all posts from his Instagram, leaving his fans baffled

The group’s followers btsknown as the ARMYs, They have been a little confused and bewildered after the member RM will tidy up your Instagram a bit, deleting or archiving most of your posts and leaving only a few meaningful ones.

Most of the snapshots and videos he left are recent, including a magazine cover, a photo shoot, one in his military uniform, and four others. Furthermore, being another event suspicious, nor did he leave a profile photo. As if all this were not enough, the Idol edited the image where he is showing part of his activity in the army, which had originally been uploaded on January 15.

The strange thing is that the Idol is following only 7 people, and left 7 posts, remembering that this number has to do with the total members of BTS, so immediately the ARMYs They commented that he is surely planning something, since his activity on the social network was very strange.

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