Shakira’s father would have begged her not to dedicate any more songs to Gerard Piqué

william Mebarakthe father of the Colombian singer Shakirawould have made an important request to his daughter to put aside her resentment against her ex-partner, the former Spanish soccer player. Gerard Pique. This directly implies stopping composing songs attacking him, a fact that allowed the artist to once again enjoy great success on the popularity charts.

Since the stormy separation between Shakira and Piqué, the singer has launched a veritable arsenal of songs against his ex-partner: highlighting ‘Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53’, ‘Monotonía’, ‘TQG’, ‘El Jefe’ and ‘Última’.

But now, and according to ‘El Nacional de Catalunya’, the father of the ‘Monotonía’ interpreter I would have asked him to stop writing songs about the former Barcelona FC footballeras he would feel that this could affect his children Milan and Sasha.

William Mebarak begged his daughter to avoid composing more songs or give interviews that attack the founder of the Kings League,” stated the aforementioned media.

Shakira She had recently assured ‘The Times’ that ‘Última’ was going to be the last song dedicated to Catalan, even arguing that she wants that decision to be maintained for a long time.

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