Bad Bunny puts on a feminine girdle to shape his waist

The Puerto Rican ragpicker and composer Bad Bunny has caught the attention of his fans with his new publication on his social networks, by being seen wearing a feminine shaping girdle on her waist, which has caused all kinds of laughter among Internet users.

Through a story on his official account instagramBad Bunny published a photo where you can clearly see how he is wearing a feminine girdle.

“I can’t breathe properly,” he wrote. interpreter from ‘Moscow Mule’ as she walked by in the outfit, which allowed her to have a more feminine waist.

As expected, the reactions of the users of the social networks Do not be late. However, they were mostly negative comments where they classified the rag picker as “ridiculous” or “in need of attention.”

And you, what do you think about the female girdle? Bad Bunny?

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