Iran launched more than 200 missiles and drones against Israel; there are no deaths – El Sol de México

Iran launched more than 200 drones and missiles against Israel, the “vast majority” of which were intercepted without serious consequences, although a military base suffered “minor damage,” the Israeli army announced early this Sunday.

“The Iranian regime launched a massive swarm of 200 killer drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles,” declared army spokesman Daniel Hagari in a televised intervention, highlighting that the attack “continues.”

According to military spokesman Daniel Hagari, a military base suffered slight damage in the south of the country, in the Negev region, after being hit by “Iranian missiles”, and for the moment, only a 10-year-old Bedouin girl has been serious head injury due to a shrapnel impact.

There are no deaths from the attacks, and according to the spokesperson, most of the interceptions have occurred outside Israeli borders, thanks to the help of “Israeli (anti-aircraft) systems” and those of its partners such as the United States and the United Kingdom. .

“The Iranian attack is still ongoing. Our planes are in the air. Iran’s large-scale attacks tonight constitute a major escalation,” Hagari said.

Rescuers treated the 10-year-old girl with a head injury and took her “unconscious” to Soroka hospital in the southern Negev region, the emergency service said.

Emergency services also treated about 20 people with anxiety or who had suffered minor injuries while seeking shelter.

The Revolutionary Guard confirmed that this offensive, Iran’s first direct attack against Israeli territory, was in retaliation for the bombing of the consulate in Damascus on April 1, in which seven members of the Revolutionary Guard died.

The Government of Iran invoked, through its mission to the UN, article 51 of the United Nations charter to justify its attack against Israel, which it considers “legitimate defense.”

The anti-aircraft alarms sounded more than an hour ago throughout the country, including in the city of Jerusalem, where half a dozen explosions were also heard due to interceptions in emblematic places such as the parliament or the Esplanade of the Mosques.

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