EXO Fans Lash Out at SM Entertainment After Agency ‘Outcasts’ Chen

A few hours ago, a new controversy in the KPop genre has gained strength on social networks, this time with the renowned group EXO and your agency, SM Entertainment as the main protagonists, since their fans They are tired of the agency ‘excluding’ the famous Idol.

It seems that the whole problem lies with the group member Chenand in the past, fans have gone on strike to get the artist to leave the group after the birth of their childrenHowever, he was accepted again by everyone and since then, the singer has remained in the group.

However, a new controversy engulfs the singer and the agency, because many fans have criticized SM simply to protect the Idol, as they accuse the company of exclude the young person in a very direct way.

It all started when SM Culture & Contents’s StudioI shared several unpublished videos and clips from the group’s new season, and although all this new content was received with excitement by all the followers, many noticed that in many of the video thumbnails, Chen was not included.

Although the Idol appears in every video, His face is not on any of their covers.and although this is a minor problem for some, others believe that this absence is because SM wants to hide Chen in any way possible, to calm the population that wanted him to be fired from the group.

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