BLACKPINK’s Lisa launches ad campaign for her new agency ‘LLOUD’

On February 8, the renowned singer and rapper Lisa of BLACKPINK surprised all her fans around the world when she announced that she is also joining the movement of becoming an entrepreneur, launching her own record label called ‘LLOUD‘, being the third member of the girl band to create an agency after her companions Jisoo and Jennie.

However, despite being the third of her group to create a firm, this does not mean that she is the slowest, because in a matter of days Lisa I already had a campaign planned for his new project, which became visible on February 9 and 10 in large cities around the world, in order to announce that he had the rapper on his hands.

These billboards showed the official image with which Lisa announced ‘LLOUD’, in black and white and wearing a suit, as if it were a businesswoman. These billboards appeared in key cities such as The Angels, bangkok, Singapore and New Yorkattracting a lot of attention and letting the world know what is coming.

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