BLACKPINK’s Lisa would have taken a private jet to Paris to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday?

In recent months, a rumor had been spreading that Lisa of BLACKPINK is in a loving relationship with Frederic Arnaultand now, according to South Korean media, the Idol would have taken a private jet to attend the birthday of Bernard Arnault’s son, where she would even spend the entire week.

These rumors were gaining strength since the artist was seen in a store. Celine in France, just in the week that the millionaire businessman’s son was turning 28 years old, so several entertainment channels immediately claimed that it was a trip to celebrate his supposed partner’s birthday.

These gossips divide the BLINK (as BLACKPINK fans call themselves), because one part believes that both figures have actually been dating since last July, while the others simply believe it is impossible for Lisa to maintain a long-distance relationship due to the magnitude of the obligations of both.

At the moment no official entity has commented on the matter, and YG Entertainment maintains its position of absolute silence about the private lives of its K-Pop Idols. Do you really think BLACKPINK’s Lisa could be dating the current CEO of TAG Heuer?, tell us in the comments.

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