BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Lewis Hamilton appear together enchanting with their spectacular chemistry

Recently, two great stars worldwide have captivated many Internet users globally, and that is Rose of BLACKPINK and the eight-time Formula 1 champion, Lewis Hamiltonwere the center of attention in the midst of their attendance at the event RIMOWA for the “Mint&Papaya Collection“, held in Seoul.

As two of the ambassadors of the renowned luggage brand, which has countless speeds in its ranksthese two great celebrities appeared together, enchanting all the attendees and Internet users with their chemistry. which has gone viral by many media.

With the Idol wearing a classic, yet elegant outfit, and the high-speed driver wearing his own brand of sophisticated clothing, neither of them disappointed, as they both stood confidently for individual photos, however, it was not until the two stars They bonded for the cameras when the magic happened. Her solo images showed her individual styles, but her couple snapshots they made the entire internet explodebecause as they were posing for the photos, Rosé and Lewis were talking, which made a noticeable comfort and genuine chemistry between them, making the relationship between them flow effortlessly.

After the images and videos began to circulate on social networks, they obtained thousands of likes and comments, since the fans of both only they highlighted the chemistry that was noticeable between the two, at the same time that they talked about their impeccable looks worn for the event.

It should be noted that the connection between the Idol and Lewis Hamilton is not new, as they have previously starred in several RIMOWA advertisements, which gives them the opportunity to share and get to know each other a little more outside the camera lenses.

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