BLINKS Realize BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is Missing Something While Leaving Recent Cartier Event

Recently, Jisoo of BLACKPINK was in France to fulfill her agenda as an ambassador for the luxury jewelry company Cartier, where she was accompanied by many world-class celebrities to celebrate the Cartier Trinity centenary.

On February 7, Jisoo attended the dinner of celebration of the Trinity, arriving at the place with a beautiful simple black dress that made her look extremely beautiful. According to some fashion industry insiders, Idol opted for something in this color, perhaps so that her Cartier jewelry valued at thousands of dollars would be the ones to completely steal the show.

Although the necklace, earrings and ring, valued at $220,000, $26,200 and $59,500 respectively, were the ones that stole the show, at the end of the event something strange happened, and that is that Internet users and BLINKS With eagle eyes they noticed that Jisoo left the event without any of her jewelry, which caused many to come up with their own speculations.

When the expensive jewels disappeared from the Idol’s body, netizens joked that what happened was a sequel to the famous movie “Ocean’s 8“, where a group of girls try to steal a fortune in jewelry from the Met Gala.

Another theory that arose was that obviously at the end of the event the luxury jewelry company recovered what belonged to it, obviously because Security issuessince perhaps these were only intended to be shown at the event and not to be personal belongings of the South Korean Idol.

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