They release another photo of Jungkook from BTS with his military uniform in the army

The popular singer Jungkookmember of the South Korean K-pop group btsis currently in mandatory military service in force in korea South. From there, the musical superstar is performing her duties, but even there she is not safe from the cameras, who have now taken a new photograph of the Idol with her army suit.

Recently, a new photo of Jungkook from military service was disclosed in the Internet and quickly became a global trend.

He Golden Maknae He is serving in the military like his other BTS colleagues. It is estimated that in the next year the Idol complete the process.

In the photo you can see the handsome Idol with the uniform of the armed forces from South Korea. It should be noted that the ‘Seven’ singer has complied with each of the requirements made within the army, thus showing his great discipline.

We are completely sure that Jungkook of bts He feels very proud to serve his country, even though that means I have to be musically inactive until his military service is completed.

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