Karol G’s first concert blows up the Azteca Stadium – El Sol de México

With her current tour, Karol G promises that Tomorrow will be beautiful, but as soon as she goes on stage, the times are eliminated and there is no need to wait, every moment is.

His smile and vitality illuminated this Thursday night, in which he gathered more than 80 thousand followers who sang together hits like “Bichota”, “Mi cama”, “Tusa” and “El Makinón”.

Minutes after 9:30 p.m., the lights on the stage set up inside the Azteca Stadium facilities went out; A very loud shout from the audience shook the place. The silhouette of the artist was projected in the distance, which caused applause and more scandal.

On his first night in Mexico, of the three he will offer in the capital, he excelled. She started by showing an animated video where she described herself as a mermaid that she was so happy, but one day, everything changed when she froze.

He started his show with one of his biggest hits “TQG”, that collaboration with his compatriot Shakira and which to date has more than 973 million views on YouTube and was one of the most played on Spotify.

“Hey, Mexico, I can’t believe we’re starting the tour in Latin America in a place where I feel like it’s my home. I have always said that enjoying life and living it in the best way possible depends on you, so tonight we come to have the coolest night,” said the artist on stage.

Today, Carolina Giraldo Navarro, her real name, looks very different from when she performed approximately two years ago, at the Mexico City Arena. At that time she had blue hair, so wigs of that color were sold outside the premises; Now the sellers have changed to pink wigs, which is the tone that the composer currently wears in her hair.

Wearing a transparent bodysuit with silver sparkles, Karol G continued the party with “El barco” and “X si volmosmos”. The hip movements of the 32-year-old artist motivated many to follow her and twerk with her music.

Its stage consists of five screens, a main one at the bottom, a small one in the shape of a pentagon, a half arch at the top and two large square ones at the end, which broadcast each of the dances of La Bichota, who was accompanied by 13 dancers

“Sejodioto”, “Punto G”, “Una noche en Medellín” and “Gatúbela” were part of the setlist shared by the recent winner of the Grammy for Best Urban Music Album for the album that gives title to her current tour and with which She became the first Latina to win that award.

The singer left a space for the regional part where she took the opportunity to express, even more, her love for Mexicans. The night was followed by songs like “200 Cups”, “Ferrari Eyes”, “Cairo” and “My ex was right”.

Although she kept her energy at the maximum at all times and shook every time her hits were heard, the most chanted was “Mamiii,” a duet she released with Becky G and that the host considers as an anthem of female empowerment.

And it is precisely that theme that was heard and chanted hours before, on the main esplanade of the Stadium, before entry. The show ended with a great pyrotechnic show in the sky and to the rhythm of “Provenza”.

The Colombian singer will perform at the Mobil Súper Stadium in Monterrey on the 16th and 17th, and on February 23rd and 24th at the Tres de Marzo Stadium in Guadalajara.

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