The Netflix miniseries of only 6 chapters that leads the world ranking

The huge catalog of Netflix has now seen the emergence of a shocking miniseries which has crept into the top positions in the world ranking of the most viewed series on the platform worldwide. With a very attractive story, it offers fans a plot worth witnessing from beginning to end.

‘The Snow Girl’ is the miniseries originating from Spain which is now becoming a trend again within Netflix a year after its premiere. With the genres of mystery and suspense, it is based on the novel of the same name by Javier Castlepublished in 2020.

The miniseries stars Milena Smith and Jose Coronadohas only six chapters that are full of pure adrenaline, while a plot that captures the attention of all its users.

The history shows us a very terrifying event, since a 5-year-old girl disappears during a Three Kings parade. The plot will continue look (Milena Smit), a young journalist who becomes obsessed with the case and sets out to help the girl’s parents find her, accepting that this could also have consequences on her life.

‘Snow’s Girl’ has become one of the favorite choices among subscribers of Netflixwho now have it among the most viewed in the extensive catalog of miniseries on the platform.

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