British press criticizes Prince William for revealing the ethnicity of Kate Middleton’s nurses

The press britisha staunch defender of British royalty, has now openly criticized the prince william for revealing an aspect of the care to which his wife is being subjected Kate Middletonwho recently underwent delicate abdominal surgery, the official reasons for which have not yet been revealed.

In the midst of recent statements made by the Prince of Wales Regarding the care his wife is receiving, the future monarch has praised the work that the nurses do, but has referred to them as “the nurses philippines.”

The Filipino nurses take good care of her, they are amazing and kind“William said in recent statements referring to the rest that the princess of Welsh.

But now, these words have brought him a series of critics hardboth from the media United Kingdom as of the social networks of the country, who have not seen with very good eyes the reference of the Prince of Wales to the ethnic origin of the workers. They consider it totally irrelevant.

¿What does your race have to do with the issue??”, “Is it very important to know that Kate’s nurses are from the Philippines?”, “It is very revealing that someone who says this was involved in the skin color of her nephew the prince archie“, a royal expert told the press.

The ‘Mirror’ stated that the comment Prince of Wales could be interpreted as an insinuation “racist“, so they have recommended that you be careful when expressing your words about the staff who are looking after your wife’s care.

He prince william has been aware of the entire recovery of Kate Middleton, who will be at rest until the end of Holy Week. That is, until April we will not see the Princess of Wales in public activities again.

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