BTS’ Jimin wins first place in two surveys from Korea and Japan

The fans of bts and of Jimin have voted for the Idol in two surveys in which they questioned who was the best Korean artist who adapts to pink in the middle of spring with cherry blossoms blooming, and in another where they asked who is considered the male artist who best It looked pink.

Thanks to the great influence that the artist has and the millions of fans around the world, Idol won both polls which were carried out by IDOLCHAMP and by the Japanese media Danmee which were carried out from April 16 to 23.

Jimin not only topped the IDOLCHAMP survey, but also established himself as number 1 in the other survey, with a total vote of 49.4%, and with almost 14,000 votes from fans who are presumed to be from Korea and Japan, demonstrating with this his fans support him and know that he is one of the few male Idols who is not afraid of break stereotypes and wear the color pink like anyone would.

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