BTS’ Jungkook surpasses Taylor Swift for new world record with ‘Seven (feat. Latto)’

As part of his great achievements, the artist Jungkook of the group bts has set a new record with his hit song ‘seven‘ which was a collaboration with the rapper Latto. The song, which has been highly accepted in different countries, stood out in first place on ‘The most popular hits outside the US’, a Billboard list, which includes the songs most loved by the entire world, excluding To united states.

According to this new metric, the KPop singer achieved the new record withseven‘, establishing itself as number onea record that was based on performance metrics of digital and online streaming sales ranging from April 8 of last year to this March 8.

Jungkook’s song overshadowed songs by talented artists like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrusamong others, highlighting the great work of the Idol as a true icon in today’s music industry.

Now you can listen to this incredible musical sensation here:

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