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Have you ever wondered, what’s behind a design or idea? For Isabella Pagnanini This curiosity has pursued her since her childhood.

Raised among threads and heels, Isabella absorbed, from an early age, the art of design Italian through his parents who were teachers artisans of the footwear. He began working in his factory from a very young age, combining school and work.

She learned the techniques from the experience of her team of workers who little by little became her family, in the same way that she continues to consider artisans today.

Working in the footwear sectorIsabella realized the needs and the challenges daily life that producers in this sector face. “I had the privilege of closely observing the savoir-faire of my father, as well as his ability to create and maintain relationships of quality and trust over time,” said Isabella in an interview for The Sun of Mexico.

He adds that, “these experiences enriched my approach to work, teaching me the importance of human relationships and art in the fashion industry.”

Inspired by her family legacy, she founded Isabella Pagnanini Italian Fashion Product Development, with the intention of offering real solutions to clients.

Pagnanini considers herself a link between the client and the production made in Italyoffering a variety of services, from its inception and conceptualization of the design, the careful selection of each artisan, based on their skills and capabilitiesto the efficient resolution of problems that may arise during the project.

This selection process is focused on finding the right people who believe in your project and the passion that drives your work.

“I want to be that bridge of knowledge and experience that helps others carry out their projects in the world of fashion.” Made in Italy. “I like to create dreams,” he added.

The technology plays a crucial role in your production process, from prototyping to technical problem solving. However, although she recognizes the positive impact of exporting her products, Isabella firmly believes in maintaining the development of handmade in Italy.

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“I could list several factors that make the made in Italy, but many of these can also be found elsewhere. What really sets Italy apart is the unique combination of flexibility and passion. These are qualities that cannot be taught, replicated or automated, you either have them or you don’t. And for many Italians, these characteristics are an integral part of their DNA.”

In Italy, creatives work with vast experience in natural and sustainable materials such as fabrics made of mushrooms, apples, pineapplesor raw material of new technology, although the choice of this always depends on the product to be produced and the impact that is sought to be achieved.

However, the expert regrets that many production companies are absorbed by large corporations that prioritize cost effectiveness on sustainabilitylimiting opportunities for Italian artisans to express their creativity and the value of their work.

From her experience in the sector, Isabella has noticed a tendency to give too much importance to brands, to the detriment of the real value of the product. “Often when an item carries the name of a well-known brand, prices skyrocket, making the product unaffordable for many people.

“I firmly believe that magic happens when you find a balance between brand and product. It is in this space where true fashion is born, unique and distinctive, offered to a fair price and with solid ethical principles.”

One of its greatest strengths lies in its network of contacts, consulting its challenges with the most competent experts in the specific field. “Collaborating and sharing experiences with other professionals is essential to reduce risks and maximize the chances of project success. The strength of unity overcomes the fear of competence.”

The designer spreads this culture of collaboration and passion for his work, experiences that he shares in his book “The perfect shoe”( “The Perfect Scarpa“). His love for experimentation and creativity is his main motivation to collaborate with other cultures, inviting people from all over the world to be part of this project.

Despite the challenges facing the Italian fashion industry, Pagnanini sees opportunities for positive change. By promoting a culture of collaboration and ethics, she hopes to inspire others to follow her example and uphold the core values ​​of Italian fashion. “I see signs of a cultural shift toward more collaborative and less toxic environments.” He concluded.

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