BTS’ V gets a promotion in military service and proves that he is a leader

South Korean idol V of the group btshas entered the military army since the first days of December, and although he has only been there for a few days, Kim Taehyung has proven to be a leader with good performance, after it was known that he was promoted in his military rank.

The ARMYs They have been very happy with the news, stating that it was to be expected due to the good performance that V has in any area he faces.

The BTS vocalist was promoted to platoon leader, which indicates that at the moment he manages and coordinates between 20 to 50 soldiers who are in the same department. While the news was not officially shared, it was eagle-eyed followers who noticed that in an image shared by the ‘The Camp’ app, the Idol appeared with a badge reflecting the promotion.

The fact shows how quickly and how well V has adapted to military life, since it has not yet been a month since joining.

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