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This 2023 was full of color and classic styles that reached the top, such as the barbiecorewhich became a whole phenomenonpartly due to the release of the film live action of the most famous doll in the world.

Big fashion houses like Valentinohad as its protagonist pink or fiucsa“There was something for all tastes and styles, and in a certain way it broke the paradigms, now the gender didn’t matter, the men also wore looks in pink, this trend helped a lot but now it’s ‘out’,” said the fashion expert. Angel Vazquez to Circles.

Another of the trends that dominated 2023 and will be left behind in a very few days, was the silent luxury or the quiet luxurywhich turned viral on social media and refers to the quality of the garments, design and “discreet” elegance, that is, pieces that do not contain the logos or monograms of the brands in view. Just like him denim or denim that swept total looks.

“Denim was present in complete outfits and shoes, it became so important that it appeared on all the haute couture catwalks for fashion houses like Dior that dedicated a line to denim,” Vázquez added.

What will be fashionable in 2024

The recent catwalks have already given us a preview of styles and trends that will be imposed in 2024, and the fashion stylist also shared with us some that cannot be missing from your looks.

Metallic: Although it is not a new trend, next year it is positioned as the Star of trends that will be seen in clothing, accessories, footwear, even makeup and nails.

“Although it has been pushed for a year, this 2024 is coming very strong with a metallurgical trend, wearing silver and gold garments for complete looks will be a trend. Metal refers to the future, aerodynamic, technological garments in silver tones, in this aspect there is a lot of reference and inspiration to Paco Rabanne and in many styles we will continue to see him and also with inspiration from the 2000s,” he mentioned.

Bows and bows: The flirty trend swept social networks, and according to the expert, in 2024 it will be stronger than ever. It is characterized by creating ultra-feminine looks by combining pieces that have details with ruffles, lace, bows, bows, and mesh.

“This trend gives voice to feminism through clothing, bows, bows, lace and details such as frills. It is an interesting and very strong mix; This trend also evokes renaissance mixed with girly.”

Vintage: Once again, the inspiration for vintage clothing will be seen, that is, garments that belong to another era, especially from the 70s. “I refer to the fashion that our grandparents used but with current colors, the clothes from second-hand and made of other materials,” Ángel shared.

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Paintings: “This year we will see a lot of presence in paintings, it is a brunch style trend, which is reflected in shirts, pants, blazers, blouses,” he commented.

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