BTS’s Jimin sends a touching message to his fans from the military service

Jiminfamous member of the popular Kpop group btsis currently carrying out military service, mandatory in South Korea for all men. However, that has not stopped him from sending a moving message to all of his fans.

Through the platform weverseJimin has sent a moving statement to all ARMYS around the world. The Idol is located next to Jungkook in the military, fulfilling each of his essential duties as a South Korean citizen.

The main reason for his words is due to Lunar New Year (Feb. 10). There, the artist has wished good health to his followers and in turn has stated that both he and the Golden Maknae They are doing well in the army.

This is the Lunar New Year of ARMY! I wish you all a happy Lunar New Year. Take care of your health and seek happiness this year. Jungkook and I are fine, so we ask you not to worry too much about us. I will come back again! Eat a lot of delicious food and break your diet today,” the Idol message read.

It is expected that Jimin complete his mandatory military service in the middle of 2025. After completing that stage, he will reintegrate into bts along with his other colleagues from the Kpop septet.

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