BTS’s Jungkook admitted there is a scene from a movie he wants to recreate with his partner one day

Jungkook He is one of the most famous members of KPop, because with his talent he has been able to reach many countries, being recognized worldwide. For that same reason, an expression that he released a long time ago continues to give people something to talk about to this day, as it shows that he is a total hopeless romantic.

The artist once explained that There is a scene from a particular movie that you would like to recreate with your partner one day.also sharing that he would like to find a love like those seen on television screens.

The BTS member expressed: ‘I wish I could find the opportunity to love like this, very happily‘, admitting right after the movie ‘Love 911‘has a particular scene that he would like to recreate: ‘In the film there is a kissing scene, when the man lifts his girl with both hands and turns her around, and she gives him kisses, allowing everyone to see her, I want to try that one day‘.

He also noted that he liked the film: ‘the way each one shows love to the other‘. There is no doubt that Jungkook is a very romantic and passionate person, and many ARMYs They hope and dream to see him living his own illusion of love.

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