BTS’s RM dedicates an emotional letter to his fans, wishing them a happy lunar new year while he is in the military

As many already know, the members of the renowned South Korean group BTS, such as RM, are currently fulfilling their mandatory military service in South Korea, which lasts exactly 18 months. However, this distance has not allowed the boys of said group to distance themselves from their fans, and that happened recently with the Idol who left an emotional and sincere letter for his fans celebrating the lunar new year.

On this February 11, second day of Lunisolar calendar, this February 11, RM extended his most sincere greetings to his fans through the Weverse platform. Through a letter, the idol left his good wishes and updated fans a little about his situation in the South Korean army. The letter says:

Hello everyone, I hope everything is going well for you.

Since joining the unit I now belong to, I have spent my time adjusting to it. I can also tell you that I have eaten a lot of rice cake soup.

Since it’s Lunar New Year’s Day, I’m taking a break and having a good time with my colleagues. Although I have to spend this New Year’s Day in this place, I am trying my best to get to know everyone and get along with them, so I will do my best to learn and have good experiences.

Stay in good health wherever you are. I hope you’re going through a lot more good than bad right now. Happy new year.

As expected, the ARMY appreciated RM’s words, because from now on it will be very difficult to have updates from them, so they try to take advantage of each of the interactions that the Idols have with them.

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