BTS’s Suga makes ARMY fall in love on Kissing Day with his kissing style

Last Saturday, April 13, the Kissing Day either Kiss Daythis charming tradition began in Thailand when a couple achieved the record for the world’s longest kiss with almost 36 minutes, and since then, a contest is held annually to break that record, something really romantic and charming.

As for South Korea, the tradition of Pepero Day It is somewhat similar to Kiss Day, in that a couple tries to eat a breadstick from each lake while avoiding touching their lips. And although people in the southern part of Korea are usually very conservative with public displays of romance and affection, ARMYs have been delighted after describing a video of Suga from BTS.

It is no secret that the famous Idol admitted to having a romantic partner before being a global superstar, but at the moment, the young artist is single and in his military process, but still, ARMYs were in love with Suga’s kisses and discovered his Kiss Day video.

Fans discovered that Min Yoongi kisses the microphone hard while singing, so ARMYs deduced that the creator of ‘AGUST D’ has a strong and passionate way of kissingas he does when he performs his most romantic songs live.

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