Camilla Parker, Kate Middleton and the royals more united than ever against Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

The British media have reported on a new stage that is being experienced within the British royal family, together with Camilla Parker, Kate Middletonhe prince williamhe king Charles III and of course the entire main core of the English royalty, where they have been more united than ever, even the Ferguson They joined the Christmas celebrations for the first time since 1990, demonstrating a solid and strong family relationship.

This caught the attention of the tabloid press, which gave rise to the creation of new rumors as to why the royal family had reunited and solidified again, and the supposedly most popular cause? Building a strong shield with which to attack of the prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

According to the channel GBNewsthe royals have united like never before, in order to create a powerful front against the former actress and Prince William’s brother, a front that would help them combat the large number of controversies that the dukes of sussex have provoked with their previous revelations, since the author Angela Levin He claims that King Charles III and other members of the monarchy “did the best they could” regarding the Sussexes, leaving them with no other option.

However, royal fans contradict that this is so, and that the unity and warm atmosphere that the British royal family radiates is simply that they are trying to spend the holidays as a family, removing the labels and titles from their way, so that it is all a little further natural And pleasant.

Below you can see the complete report in English, but you can translate the subtitles into Spanish without any problem.

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