Clara Chía Martí already takes Shakira’s place in Gerard Piqué’s family

The young woman’s romance Clara Chía Martí with the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué became one of the most media topics of the Internet since their union was confirmed in June 2022. And although fans of Shakiratogether with the Spanish media, have made his life impossible, the couple has survived all the hatred and even the Catalan woman is now another member of the former athlete’s family.

As the saying goes: “A nail pulls out another nail”, and it seems that Piqué has quoted it in the best way in his love lifesince his Romance with Clara Chía they are going from strength to strength despite all the problems they have faced.

But that is not all, since the media from her country have revealed that the 24-year-old He already occupies the place that belonged to Shakira in his family. The Catalan gets along wonderfully with her parents, despite the fact that they are somewhat known for having a rather arrogant temperament and difficult to get along with.

Clara is now another member, she shares with the beloved of the former footballer in a natural and unpretentious way; that was what he wanted Catalan At the end of the day, a closer woman to date wouldn’t be quite a journey. Quite the opposite of the famous singer, who has now been completely relieved of the Piqué clan.

His parents are happy for their new love, and hope that in the near future they will formalize their relationship at the altar. Wedding rumors between Clara Chía Martí and Gerard Piqué They are very strong and there is a possibility that the Catalan’s parents will ask their son to expedite the marriage procedures.

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