Clara Chía Martí’s parents speak ill of Gerard Piqué, they do not want him as their son-in-law

Journalist Jordi Martin disclosed the problem that the parents of Clara Chia Martí they have with their boyfriend, the former footballer Gerard Piquewho gained enormous media attention after his breakup with the Colombian singer Shakira. But now, it seems that this and other problems are not pleasing to his in-laws, who would not tolerate it one bit.

Through the statements made by Jordi Martin, the relationship that Piqué has with his in-laws has been revealed in detail, which unfortunately does not seem to be good at all and one of the reasons why his in-laws speak ill of him.

According to him journalistthe Catalan woman’s parents “can’t stand” their son-in-law, since he has an attitude that makes him “extremely arrogant.”

Apparently, Clara Chia would also be very angry with her parents about this situation, since she would want them to approve her Romance with Catalan. However, the position of both is defined.

Jordi also revealed that Clara’s parents “were instantly distrustful”, since they do not see the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc as a good match for his daughter. In addition, sizes are in accordance with the age difference between the two! 12 years.

Clara Chía Martí has been through numerous problems since it was confirmed that she was the woman for whom Gerard Piqué left Shakira. Perhaps, she thought that her parents were going to provide that unconditional love to both her and her famous boyfriend, but it seems that they don’t love the son-in-law one bit.

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