Details of V and RM’s military service revealed

The enlistment to military service obligatory of the four while remaining of bts, would be produced in the coming weeks. And now, details of the entry process of V and RMwho apparently could go to the same command together.

According to what was revealed by the South Korean media DispatchRM and Taehyung They would be joining the army on December 11, and they would do so in the same military command, something that has taken everyone by surprise. ARMYwho believed that each of the 4 members was going to be in different places.

The aforementioned media revealed that both Idols of kpop will begin their basic training in the New Nonsan Recruit Training Center on December 11. It is believed that V was the one who requested a posting to the Special Missions Unit of the Capital Defense Command of the Army of the Republic of korea Southsomething that is not completely confirmed.

Meanwhile, HYBE has stated that it cannot yet confirm these statements, since they presumably do not have access to that information. However, the South Korean press affirms that this will be the official recruitment date.

It is expected that the 7 members of bts complete their respective military services before the end of 2025, a period in which they would be returning to the global Kpop scene.

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