Did Evan Peters make out with a mystery woman during Lana Del Rey’s set at Coachella?

He Coachella Festival 2024 is leaving us incredible impressions with all the talent and charisma that has been presented in it, especially with the sensational choreographies of the groups of K-Pop that heavily overwhelmed the stage, and each time this event becomes much more interesting.

But of course, it has also given us some moments that are somewhat eccentricswhich we definitely did not expect, as one user of xwho according to her, Evan Peters was the protagonist of the recent and passionate moment that involved a girl who is still anonymous.

That’s right, while Lana del Rey was in her wonderful performance, The actor was allegedly caught red-handed while kissing very passionately with a mysterious woman. Of course, fans did not stop speculating on social media who it could be.

“Mysterious woman = Ariana Grande“, “it can’t be him, it can’t be”, “that woman should be me”, “Didn’t Peter have a partner?”, “she must be his new girlfriend, or maybe a fan?”, “it seems that she “It was a lot of fun”, “it’s because of the Lana Del Rey effect”, were some of the opinions of Internet users.

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