BLACKPINK’s Jennie appears on the cover of Vogue Korea magazine

As is known to many, KPop Idols, such as Jenny of BLACKPINKhave become the faces of many of the well-known brands, which leads them to have much more international reach throughout the world, and one of the protagonists that is causing a trend is the aforementioned Idol because she appeared on the cover of Vogue Korea.

A few hours ago the cover photos of the current year’s May issue of Vogue Korea had just been published, showing a new side of the Idol, who always has something to impress all her fans with. With some green contact lenses and some Chanel jewelryJennie became a sensation among her fans.

As always, many of the BLINKS highlighted the beauty of the BLACKPINK member, reacting positively to the new content that is circulating on the networks, and for weeks now the Idol has been one of the great topics of conversation, since it is said that it could have a triumphant return in the month of June.

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