153 candidates resign in Zacatecas; IEEZ analyzes whether the reason is political gender violence – El Sol de México

He Electoral Institute of the State of Zacatecas (IEEZ) has received 153 candidate resignations to various positions popular choice.

The presiding advisor of the electoral body, Juan Manuel Frausto Ruedas, indicated that, for these cases, there is a protocol whose objective is to determine If among the reasons for the resignation of the candidates There is any act that could constitute political violence against women based on income.

Last March 31 registration of candidatures concluded to the recurring local electoral process 2023–2024, with a total of nine thousand 398; of which five thousand 287 correspond to women, a figure that represents 56.2%.

To the women who They presented their resignation as candidates to municipal presidencies and councils an interview is carried out, in addition to applying a survey to determine the causes that motivated them to resign.

Frausto Ruedas recalled that on January 2, the invitation was received from the Mexican Association of State Electoral Counselors so that the IEEZ adheres to the Operational Program of the Network of Candidates and the Network of Elected Women.

In this sense, it was agreed to designate the Institute staff who will be in charge of “guidance and attention when there is a situation that a candidate or elected woman is suffering from possible “Political Violence against Women on Gender Reasons.”


Last Friday, the General Council of the IEEZ held in an extraordinary session an agreement by which an unreported number of substitutions for various elected positions was approvedderived from resignations presented by candidates from the three coalitions and nine parties independently.

The s was testedreplacement of candidacies for councils and town councils with a relative majority and proportional representation, of the National Action parties, the Democratic Revolution, Labor, Green Ecologist of Mexico, Citizen Movement, Morena, New Alliance, Zacatecas Popular Revolution and Zacatecas Alternative Movement.

Without specifying the reasons for the resignations, electoral counselor Yazmín Reveles Pasillas expressed that Substitution requests met requirements such as having been submitted within the period established in the candidacy registration guidelines.

According to the verificationsthe submission of the candidate’s resignation letter was completed, which was ratified by those who signed them.

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