Did one of Queen Letizia’s daughters take a DNA test and prove that she is not the daughter of King Felipe VI?

The revelations of Jaime del Burgo about his alleged affair with queen Letizia, continue to cause enormous chaos within the Spanish royal family, which has remained completely silent while the media spread all kinds of rumors associated with the scandal. As in the case of the alleged evidence of DNA what the daughters of the queen would have done to find out if they are actually daughters of the king philip SAWand the claim that one of them might not be, Are they right?

According to the ‘Caras’ portal, the daughters of the kings of Spain They would have undergone a DNA test to confirm whether or not they were daughters of King Felipe VI. The rumors of infidelity that besieged Letizia would have caused this distrust, since the author of them was someone very close to her.

Jaime del Burgo, her former brother-in-law, was the one who gave all the details of what he assumes to be the true identity of a “false Letizia”, ​​arguing that there is nothing wrong with her. monarch and that the only human being who should be considered king is God.

As a result of these accusations, other information linked to the controversy began to circulate in the media, but this time about an alleged DNA test that would indicate that one of the girls is not the daughter of King Felipe.

Nevertheless, this rumor is fakegiven that no official source has managed to confirm that Zarzuela has done DNA tests on Leonor and Sofía, and many that one of those has come back negative.

Furthermore, there was never talk of a DNA test from the Zarzuela palace, since the royalty has decided to remain silent in the face of the controversy, and the accusations that the king Philip VI is not the father of Princess Eleanor and the Infanta Sofia They are easily refuted, thanks to the great physical resemblance that each one has with him and with other former members of the British royal family.

The Queen Letizia She has also remained hermetic in the face of this embarrassing situation, so it is completely true to confirm that Zarzuela has not done or taken any type of action after this rumor of infidelity on the part of the monarch became known.

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