Jay Park wants BLACKPINK’s Jennie to represent him in his new company

Currently, the world of KPop could undergo an incredible revolution after the renowned singer and dancer Jenny of BLACKPINK has made the creation of its new agency official in the market ‘ODDATELIER‘, which has led many large investors and famous singers to look towards the new Idol project.

Recently, that happened with the American singer and rapper Jay Parkwho a few hours ago made a comment on one of Jennie’s posts that promoted her new agency, what caught attention was that the American commented “sign me«, accompanied by an emoji. Which made Internet users draw their own conclusions.

Many are excited about the new Idol project and hope that with it, many great artists will join this, because just like Jay showed his interest in ‘ODDATELIER‘ Others can also do it publicly without problems, now we just have to wait if the singer and her work group heed the rapper’s request.

How do you feel about this news?

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