Did they break up? Nicki Nicole deleted all the photos of her with Featherweight from her social networks

In the midst of the problem, after a video published in which the urban artist is involved Featherweight taking the hand of another girl in the city of Las Vegas, the Argentine artist Nicki Nicole He left his fans speechless by making a series of changes to his official account on the Instagram platform.

Last Saturday, February 10, the Argentine singer performed at the Picnic festival held on this occasion in Costa Rica, so she could not accompany the Mexican, her past boyfriend, to the big game and event of the Super Bowl. On that day, Nicki shared some images from that concert through her Instastories, and the next day a series of selfies modeling the sexy, but beautiful outfit that she had worn for the show, consisting of a top and baggy black pants. .

At the same time, after showing her beautiful look, her fans noticed that The photos that Nicki Nicole had with the Mexican had disappeared, something that could only mean one thing. This action unleashed strong rumors of a breakup with the singer Peso Pluma, leaving everyone who encountered this news in shock, as they thought they were in the best moment of their love affair.

All this happened after an account shared a video of Double P walking with another woman holding hands in a casino in Las Vegas, which can be taken as a deception towards the urban music singer. Given this, Nicki’s fans did not remain silent and showed their support, leaving comments such as: “The worst thing is that he is going to be unfaithful just before February 14”, “You were a lot to him”, “How could it be for him?” “unfaithful to Nicki.”

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