Dua Lipa looks unrecognizable in new photos for Beauty Papers

Dua Lipa has once again surprised all his fans, but this time he has not done it with an incredible live performance, nor with a new and unexpected single, but rather he has left all Internet users stunned with the new photographs that he posed for Beauty Papersand more than one has been left undecided due to the “renewed” look that the singer wears in this photoshoot.

With a neglected appearance, the charismatic and talented artist provided a strange, but sensational catalog of images where you can perceive a theme “street“, where not only inelegant clothes and outfits were used, but they also chose to give her a disheveled look, with disheveled hair and little or almost no makeup, she looks totally unrecognizable!

Network users did not wait to share their reactions“I hope it’s okay”, “why is Dua Lipa wearing a garbage bag as a dress?”, “I love it, I’m a big fan of her music, but it looks very strange here”, “what an artistic concept is this?” ?, it seems like she was bankrupt”, “I couldn’t recognize her at first, is that her?”, “I thought it was Britney”.

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