The possibility of Prince Harry becoming a US citizen ‘is inevitable’, royal expert says

He the prince Harry of the United Kingdom has been involved for several months in a scandal over his residence permit in the state Joined. It all started when a conservative group demanded that the government Joe Biden publish the Duke’s visa application interview, since they stated that he could have lied or otherwise received preferential treatment, something that is illegal in the laws of the North American country. However, a royal expert now claims that “it is inevitable” that Harry will formally become an American citizen in the future. Why?

According to what was reported by the expert and royal correspondent of the English newspaper ‘Newsweek’, Jack Roystonthe chances of the Duke of Sussex obtaining US citizenship are completely “inevitable“, whoever the president of the United States will be from now on.

But what would be the reason for that? Very simply, the recent legal conflicts that the son of the king Charles III has had with the British justice system, they would help him process his American residence permanent.

“I’m starting to lean more towards strong possibility of Harry applying for US citizenship permanently, it is becoming an inevitability,” explained Royston.

That scenario seems inevitable. and there will be no government action that can prevent him from getting it, since Meghan is American by birth, this also helps,” he stated.

He duke of sussex He attempted to demand that the UK government maintain his security whenever he traveled to his country. However, the request was declined, since the law establishes that the only way for the government to protect you for free is to be an active member of the monarchy. And as we already know, Harry gave up his royal duties at the beginning of 2020.

All of these situations would be directly influencing the decisions that the prince harry in the future, who has even confirmed in new documents that the USA is now your new permanent address, and not your country of origin.

So, what’s left for Harry now? Continue strengthening his life in the North American country with Meghan Markle. And in all the scenarios that could be considered, a return to the United Kingdom seems the least likely to be fulfilled.

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