Han So Hee and Jeon Jon Seo confirmed to play new dark drama

For this April 29, the world of Korean entertainment was surprised with pleasant news, which features the famous actresses Han So Hee and Jeon Jong Seowho They will work together on a new dark dramanews that the fans of both artists took in an excellent way.

‘Project Y’ is a new dark drama that is set in the district of gangnam, in Seoul. This new project will follow the great ambition of two friends of the same age who dare to steal approximately 5.8 million of dollars in gold bullion, seeking to disappear without leaving any type of trace in the place.

It is expected that for this installment, Han So Hee and Jeon Seo, who coincidentally are the same age in real life, can demonstrate excellent chemistry when presenting their roles, since the interaction between the two is what fans want to see. It should be noted that said delivery will reach the platforms in eThe second half of 2024.

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