Fake news about Park Bo Ram’s death is causing discomfort among fans

Yesterday, one of the news that shook the world of Korean entertainment was the unexpected death of the singer and artist Park Bo Ramsince until now the cause of his death is not known with certainty, which gives rise to many people begin to create false rumors and news about what happened to the Idol.

Park Bo Ram lost his life unexpectedly at the age of 30 yearsand the local police declared that the artist was found unconscious in a friend’s bathroom while drinking in the company of others. Given what happened, the police investigation group stated that it plans to investigate the true cause of death after requesting an autopsy. National Forensic Service on April 15, since so far speculation about Bo Ram’s death is being crazy by many media.

As the Idol’s death increased people’s interest, many Youtubers who are only dedicated to creating malicious content began to create fake news about Park Bo Ram’s cause of death. When searching for the artist’s name on YouTube, people could come across titles like “The strange behavior Park Bo showed before his death“, “This is the food the Idol ate before her death“, “Learn about the unexpected arrest of the idol’s boyfriend“, “Bo Ram was poisoned“, and many more fake titles.

This has become a headache for the police, since they have many fans and media pressuring them to please publicly say the real reason for his death; However, this will not happen until the possible autopsy reveals the truth.

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