Fans are surprised to see TXT in a new promotional campaign

It is no secret to anyone that when a group or artist becomes famous there are several companies that are interested in working with them, and although they are normally accessories or clothing companies, recently lovers of KPop and the group TXT have had a big surprise after seeing the boys’ new promotional campaign.

The famous group became a trend on social networks after one of the fans uploaded different images of the boyband on boxes of popular cereal brands such as Ree’s Puffs and Lucky Charms, something that really surprised everyone. As many fans and Internet users learned of this news, many ran to their local stores to see if they could find this same collaboration between the two, which was very successful, since the MOAofficial fan group, enthusiastically shared their images showing their different finds.

After all the great controversy that took place on networks, the company General Mills confirmed the collaboration between TXT and the cereal brands, answering fans’ questions through Instagram, further increasing the fans’ joy.

Ever since the TXT cereal boxes started appearing, MOAs have been flocking to all their local stores to see if they are lucky enough to come across one of these and collect them, as many long to get their hands on these boxes. of limited edition before they are taken off the market.

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