Featherweight defeats Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny and is crowned the most popular artist on YouTube

The famous Mexican singer and composer Featherweight He continues to collect numerous achievements in his short career, which has allowed him to reach the top of the charts until he competes with major leagues in the music industry such as Taylor Swift and Bad Bunnywhom he has defeated in the lists of Youtube.

Through a interview that Featherweight had for the American magazine ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, it has been reported that the Mexican has surpassed Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny as the most popular of the year on YouTube, thanks to the most 8.5 billion views that you obtained on the platform.

The singer’s debut lying down It has been a success thanks to singles like ‘La Bebe’ and ‘She Baila Sola’, whose number of views is enormous on both YouTube and Spotify.

«I feel humbled and grateful that my music has reached the first place in Youtube. A huge thank you to my musicians and my team, to my fans, to everyone on YouTube and to all the people who have made this project possible,” said Peso Pluma for the aforementioned media.

And you, what do you think about this achievement? Featherweight that has allowed him to surpass Taylor Swift already Bad Bunny?

How do you feel about this news?

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