Felix and Hyunjin from Stray Kids, and the story behind their friendship rings

Felix and hyunjin of Stray Kids They undoubtedly have a very close relationship, and very few know that the two share what many of the STAY (Stray Kids fandom) is a very nice detail, and both Idols carry a couples ring on their hand that can symbolize several things, such as a commitment, a promise, or in this case, a friendship.

But how did they get these rings? Many Internet users believe that they both went to buy them somewhere and agreed to choose them to somehow symbolize their excellent relationship, however, this is not the case, since Hyunjin and Felix told the short but intriguing story how they got their couple rings.

In an interview for Billboardboth artists of the K-Pop They showed everyone their matching rings, and revealed how they obtained them, contrary to what Internet users thought, they did not go to buy them together, in fact the one who had them was Hyunjin.

That’s right, according to the Stray Kids themselves, they both started talking about rings because Felix commented that he wanted buy one, and it was there that Hyunjin told him: “I’m going to give you a ring“Felix noticed that his friend was already wearing one, and immediately demonstrated interest asking him to lend it to him to try it on.

Luckily Hyunjin had another set of this ring, and when he realized how good it looked on him, he decided to give her one, the rings are not at all expensive nor extravagant, however, Felix assured that he has taken very good care of him since then, “I have never taken it offconfessed the young singer.

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