Find out who Princess Diana’s confidant is who could bring Prince Harry and Prince William back together

It is clear to affirm that the relationship between the prince harry and the prince william For the moment it will not be like before, since the controversial statements that have been made by both of them may not allow it. However, British media have expressed that there would be a person, exactly a confidant of Princess Diana, their mother, who could calm the tension between them.

It was exactly the BBC journalist, Johnny Dymondwho explained that one person could calm the tension between the two princes, giving some hope that everything will be solved.

This person capable of making the two make the passes could be Mark Dyer, a former officer of the Welsh Guard, and who was key in the lives of the princes when they were children. It has been detailed that he was ‘a second father‘for the children of King Charles III, since he was always giving advice to both and taking care of them when Lady Di He died in 1997.

The British tabloids have released the name of the person who could unite the sibling relationship, but it will all be a matter of the two, in their privacy, wanting to return to being the family they used to be.

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