Netflix’s new Korean love and action movie that you can’t miss

If you are a lover of K-dramas, but you also love movies with a lot of action, let me tell you that you are in luck, since Netflix He will release his new Korean film very soon, which will be full of action, adventure, suspense, and all while telling us an unusual love story.

That’s right, it’s about ‘My name is Loh Kiwan‘ either ‘My Name is Loh Kiwan‘a feature film that covered a very interesting combination of genres, and all thanks to its plot, which is based on the novel by Cho HaejinI Met Loh Kiwan‘, where it tells us the love story between a North Korean military deserter who calls himself Loh Kiwan and a professional sniper named Marie, who despite being polar opposites, will end up comforting each other.

Netflix has published some frames of the film to give an idea of ​​what is to come on March 1 when it premieres on the platform, and users have definitely been left with sky-high expectations, since you can see the excellent setting of the feature film, in addition to having a talented cast, starring Son Joong Ki (Loh Kiwan) and the charismatic Choi Seung Eun (Marie)

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